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Basic and Advanced Courses

Introductory Python Asynchronous Course

Introductory online asynchronous short course. This course is delivered on the Udemy platform. Great course for those that want to give it a try.


Basic Python Asynchronous Course

Online asynchronous course. The English version is still under development. The Hebrew version was completed.

₪2200  ₪640

Long Online Python Course

Online synchronous premium course. Includes 70 academic hours in 14 meetings. Delivered in Hebrew.

₪8940  ₪5940

Free Meetups for Learning Programmming

Let's Learn JavaScript

Learning the very basics in JavaScript. Great opportunity for everyone!

Let's Learn Java

Great opportunity for every developer that still doesn't know Java!

Let's Learn Python

Excellent opportunity to do the first steps in computer programming!

Online Courses on Udemy

You can find more courses on our company website at


Collections in Python

Coding exercises together with automated marking. Great course to improve your programming skills in Python.

Decorators in Python

Learn how to develop new decorators in Python, and how to use them. Excellent course for experienced Python developers.

Generators in Python

Learn how to develop new generators in Python, and learn how they work. Excellent course for experienced Python developers.

Python Style Guide | PEP8

Coding properly should be the goal for everyone. Learn how to code in accordance with the PEP8 specification! [Coming Soon]

Control Flow in Python

Great course for those doing their first steps. Improve your programming skills through extensive coding exercises.

Lambda Expressions in Python

Learn how to create and how to use lambda expressions in Python. Acquire practice relevant experience.

Seminars in Advanced Topics

You can find more seminars on our company website at


Design Patterns in Python q

Learn how to implement the classic design pattern (GoF) in Python!

Multithreading in Python

Learn about the concurrent programming possibilities in Python!

Django Basics

Learn how to develop MVC based web application using the Django framework!

Functional Programming

Become familiar with functional programming in Python!

OOP in Python

Improve your object oriented programming skills in Python!

Python MongoDB

Learn how to develop code in Python that uses the MongoDB database!

International Conference

Professional Training for Software Developers

We specialize in the delivery of premium professional training services for software developers. We usually work directly with companies that want to speed up the development process through professionally tailored training. Following a short meeting through which we will become familiar with the needs, we will create a training plan tailored for those needs and work together with our client on optimizing it accordingly. 

We usually use the reverse learning methodology. Thanks to the huge range of ready-to-use training material and especially the professional video clips, implementing this methodology is feasible in most cases. The implementation of this methodology will be coordinated with our client. The use of this methodology usually allows us to lower the total cost of our services.

We maintain the highest standard possible in every professional training we deliver. The main characteristics of our service include the following:

  • The training we deliver is captured on video in order to assist the students with going over the material in between the meetings, and once the training ends.
  • We use the zoom platform in every training we deliver in order to provide a hybrid service. Students that want to participate online can do so using the zoom platform, and students that want to meet us in person can join us in the meeting room we use for delivering the training. COVID-19 limitations apply accordingly. 
  • Every course has its own specific dedicated WhatsApp group. We use this group for the purpose of providing support in between the meetings. 
  • Towards each and every meeting, the students will get access to video clips that explain the topics we expect to cover in the coming meeting (when available). Doing so will assist the students in their preparation for each and every meeting. 
  • When the training ends, the students will receive a diploma. Both a hard copy and a digital one. The digital one will be embeddable into their Linkedin profile. 
  • When the training ends, the students will receive a t-shirt with the logo of Python on it.

More information about the qualities of our premium professional public courses and seminars can be found at https://tinyurl.com/lifemichaelpremiumpubtraining.

More information about our premium professional private training services for companies can be found at https://tinyurl.com/lifemichaelpremiumcorptraining.


Professional Groups

Feedbacks from Our Clients

Haim is the best lecturer I had. He has a passion to learn as well as to teach, and he passes on this passion to his students. Everything he theaches, is explained in depth so the students will have all the tools needed to deal with all kinds of problems. The practicle exercises he gives are on the spot and really helps understanding the theoretical material.
I took a Python course at my work, Haim as the lecturer. The lectures were clear, interesting and useful. Haim is very pleasant, answered patiently all questions and made sure all students get the most out of the course, thus I am more than happy to provide this warm recommendation! I would be happy to hire Haim as a lecturer or as a consultant specialist in the future
Great Python course with clear explanation of in-depth Python mechanics. Various important areas are covered, clearly explained and trained with multiple exercises as part of the course. Most recommended! Thanks Haim!

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